Night Arrows!
Night Arrows!
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Kill the Minotaur

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You know the answer to the riddle, but you are so insulted by having to play this stupid game with the Minotaur that you draw your sword and leap into action. You are not anyone’s thing to toy with, you are a proud and independent Elf. The Minotaur pulls up his ax but not in time to stop you from plunging your sword in his heart. He slumps to the ground with a big thud as his head hits the floor.


You are a tremendously brave and talented warrior, but you are somewhat surprised by the brevity of that fight. You poke him a couple times to make sure he’s really dead, and it seems like he is. Looking back, you can kind of admire the confidence of this fallen foe. He was comfortable confronting people totally nude, and was so sure that he was going to kill you if it came to a fight. It ended up getting him killed, but its that type of confidence that usually draws you to people. In a different life, maybe the two of you could have been friends.


[Hope you guys enjoyed so far, updated finish by the end of the week]

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