Night Arrows!
Night Arrows!
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Distract the dogs!

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You throw your sausage rope to the dogs and they instantly turned their attention to it, gnawing and fighting over it. With the dogs distracted, you are easily able to pick them off one by one with your bow. Sure, its not the bravest thing you’ve ever done, but sometimes you don’t have options.


This is another large room like the one before it, but in this one there are no sausages and the pig poop is replaced by copious amounts of dog poop. Its almost impossible not to step in it, even for someone as graceful as you.

Across the room is a staircase leading to the next floor. You estimate there are two more floors after this one. This isn’t your first rodeo, you assume that the Butcher Prince is probably on the last floor.



I go up the stairs, trying to avoid the poop as carefully as I can.

I go up the stairs and I don’t care if I step in poop.

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