Good Night, Beautiful Space Elf

I think its already pretty recognized that I am the biggest Star Track fan on O-Deck. As such I have spoken little about the passing of Lenard Namor because I've been in Deep Grieving over the last few days. But I'm ready to say a few words now about the passing of the greatest Science Fiction character since… » 3/04/15 3:33am 3/04/15 3:33am

Remember the GamerGate Hellbeast that was too Good to be True? He was.

A couple weeks ago Gawker pointed out one of #GamerGates most toxic citizens, a "ex-marine and navy seal" named @parkourdude91. Supposedly, he had attempted to race regular GG target Brianna Wu in a street race and wrecked his dad's Prius, and angrily called out Wu as sabotaging him and "attempting murder" upon him. » 2/24/15 1:47am 2/24/15 1:47am

5 Reasons why the Sony/Marvel Spider-Man deal is terrible

So now everyone has heard that Spidey will be joining all his Marvel friends in the MCU. Everyone seems excited, but let me tell you why this is a horrible idea. » 2/10/15 11:40am 2/10/15 11:40am

Replacing Spider-Man with Ms. Marvel in CA3: Civil War

A few days ago, Luca Saitta at The Mary Sue wrote an interesting post about replacing Spider-Man with new teen hero Kamala Kahn in the Civil War movie. Its worth a read but basically it boils down to: Marvel has proven they can do what they want and deviate from the comic story lines, Spiderman is owned by Sony, and… » 12/23/14 8:01pm 12/23/14 8:01pm

Sony Hacker Supreme Victory

Looks like the terrorists win again. North Korea has brought Sony Pictures to its knees in a humiliating spectacle and the whole world is impotent to stop them. I don't know about you guys, but I'm sick of always being on the losing team. » 12/19/14 5:35pm 12/19/14 5:35pm

Jesus is the Lamest Part of Christmas

The War on Christmas is over, Christmas has won. No longer can you say "Happy Holidays" or "Happy New Year" or "Happy Halloween," because Christmas is celebrated all year round these days. But this is the way things should be, because Christmas is an awesome holiday. » 12/03/14 5:27pm 12/03/14 5:27pm

Aliens of Marvel

Guardians of the Galaxy was a big hit and it has got me excited about the Marvel cosmic universe, so I decided to document some of my favorite aliens that we may see in the upcoming movies. Lets check them out! » 8/08/14 3:35am 8/08/14 3:35am

Marvel Eats DC's Lunch

Marvel seemed to be trolling when they announced "Captain America 3: America, Fuck Yeah," would be be released May 6th, 2016, the same date as DC's "Batman V Superman: Dawn of Litigation." Today DC decided to get the fuck out of their way. » 8/06/14 5:16pm 8/06/14 5:16pm

What Role is Katee Sackhoff Hinting She is Playing?

Supposedly Katee Sackhoff had a meeting with Stan Lee on Tuesday, and she has posted two tweets with clues to what "super secret job" she is doing. What do you guys think? Let's take a look at our clues so far: » 8/03/14 6:48pm 8/03/14 6:48pm

"Yes, you are getting fucked by your HVAC Company."

Summer is coming up and your AC is going to die. You are going to have to call a repair guy, and he is going to rip you off. Sorry, I don't make the rules. Here is an essay from someone in the HVAC industry with tips on how to not get cleaned out this time. » 5/16/14 6:55pm 5/16/14 6:55pm

Young Penabler's Adventures

Inspired by PrincessFluffybutt's questions about Texas, I dug up a journal I wrote when I was twenty when I traveled across the United States the first time. I plan to present them (probably out of order, starting with Texas) as a Thursday night feature. I decided not to edit or censor the writing to be an artifact… » 5/16/14 2:45am 5/16/14 2:45am

Oakland, HO!

For those of you following my epic emo saga of getting kicked out of the city I love, San Francisco, I've already found a new place in Oakland. I'm going to be living on the beautiful Lake Merritt with a couple of my childhood friends. » 5/13/14 3:17am 5/13/14 3:17am

Soliciting Opinions on Captain America

Captain America is my favorite super hero. It may sound corny, but I like how he can make a world full of grey seem black and white. Do the ends justify the means? No! Don't be an evil prick! Anyway, I was curious how others feel about Captain America, particularly those that aren't from the USA. » 5/02/14 11:45pm 5/02/14 11:45pm

Good Bye, San Francisco

I've been vocal about this on Vallywag, but my house was currently appraised because the person on the lease is moving to South America. The landlord decided to raise my rent by $1000 because my Mission neighborhood is prime for young and rich tech workers, so I'm going to have to move. When I first moved to the… » 4/28/14 3:17am 4/28/14 3:17am